Huge fan of GnR,thirty seconds to mars,coldplay. Love lots of rock,punk bands.

11th October 2010


: Dear women younger than 18. Don't just spill your heart to anyone and everybody. Don't just kiss anyone. Don't have sex... →



Dear tumblr girls,

I’m here to say that you can have sex whenever you want. Following this tired old standard is just reinforcing the idea that if you are a female and you actually want to have sex, unabashedly and without feelings of love, you are a whore. This is not true, girls. You have every…

As ever, it takes someone more eloquent than I to express my thoughts perfectly.

The greatest thing ever.

5th October 2010


5th October 2010

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Awesome farewell party for Callum. I’ll miss you xx

5th October 2010

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It’s been awhile since i’ve have been this happy. Thanks to my lovely friends and to Callum, the past few days i’ve been with you, you make me feel special. I’ll miss your hugs, kisses and all the boasting you do bout English guys. You’re such a gentleman. If only you were staying here longer, im sure we could have been more than what we had. All the best to you and if you ever drop by Singapore again, come by muddy’s for a few pints :) 

3rd September 2010

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Me and Nadirah.

Me and Nadirah.